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At the beginning of the 20th century, some familymembers went from The Netherlands to the United States of America. The main reason was to get a better life in the US, because in Europe the economic conditions were bad. They wanted to start a new future in the US. People traveled by steam ship (S.S.) and arrived at Ellis Island. From 1892 until 1924 this was the place for many immigrants from which they entered the US. I found of 15 familymembers the information about their immigration. These data is placed at the website of Ellis Island

These familymembers were:
name, last residence, year of arrival ,age
Cornelis Serne, Haarlem, 1902, 23
Izaak Serne, Haarlem, 1903, 56
Fryntje Serne, Haarlem, 1903, 53
Fryntje Serne, Haarlem, 1903, 13
Amelia Serne, Haarlem, 1903, 15
Cath. C.M. Serne, Haarlem, 1903, 21
Willem Serne, Haarlem, 1907, 23
Johannes Serne, Haarlem, 1910, 0
Catharina Serne, Haarlem, 1910, 5
Alida Serne, Haarlem, 1910, 27
Albertus Serne, Haarlem, 1910, 30
Albertus Serne, Haarlem, 1910, 3
Albertus Serne, Haarlem, 1912, 59
Petrus …o. Serne, IJmuiden, 1916, 10
Augustina Serne, IJmuiden, 1916, 16

S.S. Potsdam

Isaac Serné
, shop owner, smith, born 30-08-1846 in Haarlem, died ?
Izaak arrived august 4, 1903 at Ellis Island with the S.S. “Statendam”. He was at his arrival 56 years and married with Trijntje (53 years). His two daughters: Trijntje (13 years) and Amelia (15 years) were also with him.

married 14-01-1874 in Haarlem with Trijntje Voorn, born 13-01-1850 in Krommenie.

  1. Isaac Serné, born 29-11-1874 in Haarlem, died 17-07-1900 in Haarlem.
  2. Cornelis Jacobus Serné, born 28-09-1876 in Rotterdam, died 09-02-1877 in Rotterdam.
  3. Catharina Gerardina Serné, born 24-12-1878 in Delfshaven, died 25-12-1878 in Delfshaven.
  4. Corneli(u)s Jacobus Serné, born 31-12-1879 in Delfshaven, died 07-1964 in USA.
    Arrived november 19, 1902 at Ellis Island with the S.S. “Amsterdam”. At his arrival at Ellis Island, Cornelis was 23 years and single. Married 25-10-1906 in Chicago (IL) USA with Jennie Westerveld, born 04-08-1884 in ? died 03-1973 in Green Lake (WI) USA.
  5. Catharina Margaretha Serné, born 14-01-1882 in Delfshaven.
    Catharina arrived june 16, 1903 at Ellis Island with the S.S. “Potsdam”. At her arrival she was 21 years and single.
  6. Jacobus Serné, born 19-09-1883 in Kralingen, died 16-02-1884 in Kralingen.
  7. Jacob Serné, born 07-07-1886 in Zandvoort, died 02-11-1886 in Zandvoort.
  8. Amelia Serné, born 29-11-1887 in Zandvoort.
    Arrived august 4, 1903 at Ellis Island with the S.S. “Statendam”. She was at her arrival 15 years.
  9. Trijntje Serné, born 12-11-1889 in Zandvoort.
    Arrived august 4, 1903 at Ellis Island with the S.S. “Statendam”. She was at her arrival 13 years.
  10. Johanna Emma Serné, born 26-12-1891 in Zandvoort, died 04-01-1892 in Zandvoort.

S.S. Statendam

Albertus Serné, born 27-03-1880 in Haarlem, died 1912 in (USA).
Arrived with his family may 7, 1910 at Ellis Island (USA), with the S.S. “Rotterdam”.He was going to his brother Willem (see below)
married 04-11-1903 in Haarlem with Alida Hendrika van Stam, born 18-09-1882 in Haarlemmermeer, died 1969.


  1. Catharina Maria Serné, born 09-19-1904 in Haarlem, died 08-1982.
    Arrived at may 7, 1910 at Ellis Island (USA), with the S.S. “Rotterdam”
    married with William Kruithoff.
  2. Albertus Serné, born 23-10-1906 in Haarlem, died 13-04-1982 in Holland (MI) USA.
    Arrived at may 7, 1910 at Ellis Island (USA), with the S.S. “Rotterdam”
    married with Geertruide Lucille Rice, born 20-02-1906 in Hamilton (MI) USA, died 29-05-1973 in Holland (MI) USA.
  3. Johannes Cornelis (John) Serné, born 25-07-1909 in Haarlem, died 11-10-2000 in Grand Rapids (MI) USA.
    Arrived at may 7, 1910 at Ellis Island (USA), with the S.S. “Rotterdam”
  4. William Serne, born 24-12-1911 in Cleveland (OH) USA, died 04-01-1990 in Grand Rapids (MI) USA. married 1931 in St. Joseph (IN) USA with Doris May Mathews, born 05-12-1913 in Ada (MI) USA, died 17-03-1986 in Grand Rapids (MI) USA.

S.S. Rotterdam


Wilhelmus Gerardus Serné, born 11-03-1874 in Haarlem, died 10-02-1926 in Oak Forrest (IL) USA.
married 20-05-1897 in Haarlem with Nathalie Huberta Smit, born 24-05-1868 in Haarlem, died 05-03-1910 in Haarlem. children:

  1. Maria Augustina Nathalie Serné, born 16-03-1898 in Haarlem, died 09-1974 in Velsen. married 24-02-1921 in Velsen with Gerrit Broertjes, born 09-11-1896 in Sijbekarspel, died 31-01-1983 in Velsen.
  2. Augustina Wilhelmina Serné, born 10-08-1899 in Haarlem, died 1920 in USA.
    Arrived at may 8, 1916 at Ellis Island (USA) with the S.S. “Nieuw Amsterdam”
  3. Hendrika Maria Serné, born 14-11-1900 in Haarlem. married 11-05-1927 in ‘s-Gravenhage with Joseph Antonius Aloysius van Lier, born 05-01-1900 in ‘s-Gravenhage.
  4. Leonardus Wilhelmus Serné, born 28-03-1902 in Haarlem, died 04-03-1981 in Velsen. Married 02-07-1931 in Velsen with Martha Spruit, born 15-06-1908 in Velsen.
  5. Wilhelmus Hendrikus Cornelis Serné, born 31-07-1904 in Haarlem, died 28-06-1990 in Haarlem. Married 23-02-1927 in Schoten with Cornelia Hendrika Beenders, born 11-09-1899 in Haarlem, died 22-06-1979 in Haarlem.
  6. Petrus Josephus Serné, born 02-03-1906 in Haarlem, died 15-12-1997 in Matteson (IL) USA.
    Arrived at may 8, 1916 at Ellis Island (USA) with the S.S. “Nieuw Amsterdam”
  7. Cornelis Johannes Serné, born 30-11-1907 in Haarlem, died 09-03-1992 in Haarlem. Married 10-09-1930 in Haarlem with Anna Christina ter Voort, born 03-10-1906 in Haarlem, died 13-11-1976 in Zandvoort.

S.S. Rijndam

Albertus Serné, born 20-06-1853 in Haarlem, died 06-12-1924 in Meppel
Albertus arrived december 7, 1912 at Ellis Island (USA) with the S.S. “Rijndam”. He visited his son Willem (see below).
married 12-08-1874 in Haarlem with Catharina Maria Lem, born 07-12-1854 in Heemstede, died 17-07-1905 in Haarlem.

Willem Serné (William), born 28-07-1884 in Haarlem, died 10-12-1955 in USA,
Arrived september 28, 1907 at Ellis Island (USA) with the S.S. “Potsdam”.
married (1) after 1907 in USA with Elisabeth Kootz, born in USA, died about 1917 in USA. married (2) in USA with Florence Streitel, born 08-02-1887 in Cleveland (OH) USA, died 16-02-1976 in Cuyahoga (OH) USA.