Agreement On Salary Increase For Public Servants 2020

“We will never enter into conversation to deteriorate the working conditions of our members and the working class in general, or to negotiate a signed collective agreement.” “It`s an accusation. A teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a cleaner, an official of the Ministry of the Interior or the judiciary cannot be expected to understand this year that he should not receive a salary increase if all those who receive money from the same government have received a pay increase,” Shingange said. The government has not implemented the third year of the 2018 collective agreement, the case is currently being considered by the labour court. The Ministry of Finance said the government was actively cooperating with unions to find a solution to more sustainable employment costs. Mboweni said public service unions and the government have come together to discuss how best to solve the problem. Shingange added that city councils, municipal officials and heads of state agencies received wage increases that were funded by the same government, which then reversed them, saying the public service payroll was too high. He also warned of the effects of the failure of the state to implement collective agreements and said that the government, as the largest employer in the country, would set a precedent for other employers to ignore the agreements. Unions have previously called for lower wages for higher-income earners, such as ministers. However, the evaluation showed that wage increases for workers at the lowest wage levels were the fastest and slowest for high wages. According to Shingange, during Finance Minister Tito Mboweni`s budget speech in February, unions rebuked the government`s want to reduce the public service payroll of R160 billion, that the step would be ruthless, insensitive, clumsy and assimilated to declare war on workers.

The EPI will require the employer to ensure that these issues are given the attention they need to ensure that workers are provided with appropriate and appropriate work instruments so that they can work in accordance with their performance agreements and job descriptions. In addition, the employer is legally required to create a safe work environment. From Monday to the end of November, eleven unions will launch their no-confidence programme, which will include noon strike stations, the implementation of the principle of work to the rule, which means that public servants will not work unpaid overtime, which should have a serious impact on departments that are understaffed. , will hold peaceful protests in their workplaces and conduct sit-ins in the government`s strategic offices.

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