Ibis Care Blakehurst Enterprise Agreement

32.7.2 (a) the worker requests an adoption leave to become the child`s primary caretaker; (d) for the purposes of this clause, an appropriate training qualification is: (i) from a set of national training courses covering occupations or work covered by this award or from a qualification from a set of company training covered in point c; and (ii) the Level III Australian Certificate of Qualification. An apprentice in the school does not include a qualification that can normally be entered into by a training contract lasting three years or less (these qualifications would generally be covered by internship arrangements). 32.7.6 A worker who wishes to adopt a child is entitled to unpaid leave to participate in mandatory interviews or examinations required as part of the adoption process. The worker and the employer should agree on the length of unpaid leave. If there is no agreement, the worker is entitled to two days of unpaid leave. If the worker has paid leave, the employer can ask the worker to take the leave. 25.7.5 If ALHMWU opposes the agreement within the allotted time, the case is heard. 17.1.5 (d) for trainees whose employment under an internship agreement or an approved internship is valid for a fixed period or limited, for other reasons, to the duration of the agreement; or 25.7.7 If an employer does not give all the unions concerned the opportunity to be involved in the process ahead of an agreement, the Commission may adjourn or reject the request for deterioration of the allocation. For more information on your representation rights under the Fair Work Act 2009, Enterprise agreements and their negotiation are also available at the following address: 25.7.1 If the employer and the majority of workers agree on the payment of additional contributions to a fund other than HOST-PLUS in a given company or workplace, the Commission asks the Commission to change the way the arbitration award for the company or workplace operates. Concerned. 18.2.1 The rates of pay for this premium include the adjustment of the safety net to be paid under the Safety Net Review -Wages June 2005 [PR002005]. This adjustment of the safety net put in place can be compensated at an equivalent amount in the wage rates collected by employees whose wages and conditions of employment are governed by this bonus and which are higher than the wage rates prescribed by the premium.

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