University Of California Los Angeles Rate Agreement

When two or more institutions work together on a project, funding agencies generally prefer to work with only one of them and entrust that institution – the “leading” institution – with partner institutions. In such cases, the “leading” institution presents its budget, including subcontracting amounts, and adds approved subcontracting budgets to the proposal. Before submitting a proposal, partner institutions must submit a letter of motivation signed by an authorized financial authority, audited annual accounts, a budget and a work account of the institution. (example of subcontracting) What are the typical contractual terms? USC`s standard enterprise agreement contains clauses relating to compensation, use of trademarks, limitation of liability and other conditions. USC is open to negotiations, depending on the circumstances of the agreement. Independent Contractor – An independent contractor is a person or organization that is not related to the university or UAS and which, as part of a written agreement or letter of commitment, primarily provides professional or technical advice or services. What is the surcharge tax? The mechanism for recovering administrative and installation costs related to the conduct of research and other sponsored activities is the university`s mechanism (also known as indirect costs). Our overhead rate is determined by the federal review and reflects the actual costs associated with conducting research at USC, such as. B the costs of buildings and laboratory maintenance.

USC`s overhead rate for industry-sponsored clinical studies is 35% of applicable direct costs. How are time and effort billed? Time and effort are calculated on a “monthly percentage expenditure” and not on time. This means that anyone working on a project calculates a percentage of their monthly expenses over the duration of the agreement, and the sponsor is billed for the actual compensation that is paid to the person. For example, if a faculty member calculates 20% effort over a 12-month period, a 2.4-month allowance is billed to the sponsor. Student pay is divided into semesters (autumn from August 16 to December 31, spring from January 1 to May 15 and summer from May 16 to August 15) and can normally exceed 50% in summer. Through USC`s reporting system, faculties must certify that the load on each project is the same as that charged to the proponent. What if parts of the standard agreements are unacceptable to our company? Most standard agreements can be tailored to specific needs. Our language must be seen as a starting point for negotiations. We want timely and mutually beneficial regulation.

What qualifies as a gift? A gift is a gift “no bound threads” to the university. While a donor may designate a gift for a particular activity, there can be no quid quo pro. This means that a donor does not receive intellectual property rights or other research products in exchange for the money made available to the university as a gift. Independent contractors are themselves active and receive a fixed amount for the services provided, which is recorded in the proposal budget in the form of a lump sum or an hourly wage based on a market rate. The UAS is not required to withhold federal or regional taxes, unemployment, social security, workers` compensation or disability insurance benefits from its payments.

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